Bikes have dominated the world for around 150 years, with many of us learning to ride them as kids. Maybe it’s only natural that, when choosing a personal electric vehicle (PEV), an electric bike comes to mind first. But is it the smartest choice? The greenest? The healthiest?  Did you know that the disparity between PEV’s is vast, with many of them not only cheaply made (you get what you pay for), but for the best use and long-term investment, you should make sure that it meets the needs for yourself and family-members, today and long into the future.

PEVs are reshaping transportation on a global scale, providing cleaner, more affordable, and more efficient mobility. With an impeccable multi-year record of thousands of very satisfied clients; our battery-powered, three-wheeled Trikke4U line blends outstanding function, performance and design. When you break it down, our specialized PEV’s are leaps and bounds beyond most other electric bikes available today.  And just as importantly, at a cost-point that fits into most budgets.  Plus, if you qualify for our special financing programs, your low monthly investment really can be made more attractive.

It is for the above reasons, that personal electric mobility vehicles are very popular and sometimes, even ‘life-changing’!  Over the years, we have clients from various states and walks of life that have invested in our wonderful Scooters, so perhaps, you’ve even seen them in your daily lives…..with people all too willing to let you know how much they love their scooters from Trikke4U!

For more mobile, on-the-go-use and the ability (without tools to collapse done in 10 seconds or less) so that they easily fit on your vehicle trunk, Truck, SUV, RV, our even a trailer, our PEV’s are great for everyday use and benefit while at home.  Even getting to and from your office, especially in congested areas and parking for free a block or two away.  Or for getting around and covering large warehouse’s (pulling one of our wagons for extra towing use and practicality).  Additionally, the RV segment has exploded as a continuing, growing market for us.  And we know exactly ‘why’, as we too, are long-term RV’rs, who LOVE the lifestyle and opportunities it presents, especially when combined with our amazing electric rides.  You’ll soon wonder how you ever traveled in your RV without them!

And here’s why…..On any typical RV trip, whether it be for a weekend, month or season, once you’re camped and settled, what’s the best, quickest, most FUN and efficient way to get to the clubhouse, pool, mailroom, onsite store, pickelball/tennis courts, jacuzzi, your friends camp spot located on the other side of the park, local Walmart, restaurants, bike paths, hiking trails, best spot to go fishing, etc, etc? 

Wants some help….You just found it!

Please take the time to explore our website, so that you can further educate yourself as to ‘why’ our factory direct (with guaranteed lowest pricing available) PEV’s are the preferred choices by the vast majority of those seeking the only stand-up or sit-down PEV’s, that also come with more features than all others.  Here’s just one and you can learn about the others as you explore our site…..We have PEV’s that provide the LONGEST multi-day charges (days and not hours). So that you can get out there and enjoy new levels of freedom….some of our PEV’s even have the ability to take you off-road, on many types of surfaces and even varying grades.

Street legal with multiple safety features, you’ll also be happy to know, that a large part of our line are also ADA compliant, allowing you to take them into any store (think Costco, WalMart, CVS Target, etc), amusement parks, State and Federal Parks, Concerts, etc, etc.

After getting up close and personal with our line, definitely call or email us for more information and to answer questions that you might have….

Here’s to new, FUN adventure’s in your life!